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Dirty thirties: women’s sexual revolution?

There must be something wrong with me! What other conclusion can I draw? I was sitting at a busy intersection on my way to work when a Suzuki bike pulled up alongside my car. I’ve grown up around motorcycles – in fact, I was riding on one before I ever drove in a car! My dad was a BMW motorbike enthusiast who spend every waking moment of his spare time re-building, tinkering and tweaking bikes. So the fact that I can’t tell you what model of Suzuki bike this was, only that the tank was a metallic midnight blue, should prove that my attention was elsewhere directed to the rider’s yummy butt in tight blue jeans.

Besides drooling over the butts of random bikers, I’ve found myself more and more enamoured with the form of the male species. Not that I wasn’t before of course, but lately I feel like a horny teenager who doesn’t quite know how to handle her raging hormones.

Just the other night my husband and I were watching some army documentary on TV. The story follows a group of UK infantry recruits as they embark on a rigorous 12-week training programme in preparation for deployment in Afghanistan. Let me clarify: this is a group of scrawny, lily-white youngsters, most of whom look too young to even be shaving! As their combat training advances, these young guys really start to buff-up. Eventually, over my “oohs” and “aahs” at the growing six-packs and bicep muscles, my husband paused the programme playback to give me a rather stern look in silent warning to keep my opinions to myself.

There’s something to be said about a woman in her thirties (they don’t call it the dirty or naughty thirties without reason). I’m at the age where I’m no longer shy to talk about sex. I’ve made peace with my size 12 figure, and I know exactly what I want and need in the bedroom. I like sex, and right now my libido is at an all time high. My poor husband even has to hide his private bits and bobs in case my sex drive kicks into overdrive and I ambush him in the bathroom.

I honestly thought that a man would be overjoyed at the prospect of his wife wanting sex 24/7, but, as I’m politely told, that’s not always the case. So, while I allow myself to dream of steamy and x-rated encounters, I’m considering the option of a really good vibrator ;)

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