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Adapt or die: how to survive the bad

Nuclear catastrophe leaves the world in devastation – only cockroaches and human beings survive.  A rampant virus turns people into zombies – the last non-infected survivors join forces to fight the epidemic. Aliens land on earth to terraform the planet and wipe out mankind – humans form a resistance to end the invasion.

Adapt or die. Survival of the fittest.

Ok, so these may be extreme and unlikely scenarios. My point is though, that whatever the circumstance, life continues. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. We can roll-over and try to hide from the world, or we can adapt … and survive.

It really struck home the other day when I arrived at my now former workplace to start cleaning out my desk and to finish off the final odds and ends before my departure.  I walked into a busy and seemingly happy office. No one was sitting at their desks with a miserable look on their faces, or dragging their unmotivated bodies around the work area. Although people like me have been retrenched, the work must still be done and life must still go on. Sadly, I already felt like an outsider.

Fact:  life doesn’t always pan out the way we want it to

Every-cloud-has-a-silver-liningI have officially become a member of the unemployed club.  I’m not thrilled about it, but I know that no amount of tears or misery will change the situation.  It is, unfortunately, what it is.  I can either choose to wallow in self pity for days on end, or I can choose to adapt and seize any new opportunity that may come my way.  Put like that, the decision is quite obvious isn’t it?

I have cast my net and my CV has been deployed into the realms of the greater career cyberspace. While I spend the foreseeable future exploring new career ventures,  I would be a dork not to enjoy the time off. There’s no better time than the present to savour doing the things that make you happy.  That’s what I plan to do. 

Apparently every storm cloud has a silver lining.  I haven’t found it yet, but I’m looking.


Jobless. Can it be a positive?

Well its official, I am jobless. The company I have given over 14 years of loyal service to has given me the axe in the name of cost savings and forced job redundancies.

Office chair with a RETRENCHED sign isolated on whiteIt comes as quite a shock to realise just how heavily I’ve relied on my career to give my life purpose. Losing the one consistent facet of my life that I thought defined me as a person has shaken my very foundations and left me feeling lost and overwhelmed.  For the first time in my life I’ve lost my job without having something else lined up; and for the first time in my life I now have to worry about where the next pay cheque will come from.

I know that I’ve talked about wanting to write more, to pursue my dreams of one day publishing a book.  Yet I haven’t a cooking clue just how to go about doing that!  Yes, I am more than just another employee at a corporate company, but how do I go from being one to a freelance writer? So if you have any tips and suggestions, please feel free to impart your knowledge as I have a lot to learn!

Admittedly, this whole experience has not been all negative. I’ve learnt so much, grown so much in my personal and business life, and more importantly, I’ve made a bunch of fabulous friends along the way. This isn’t the end – this is an opportunity to embrace something new.

The “unknown” has always been my greatest fear.  Now that the “unknown” has now become a reality, it really isn’t that scary anymore. I’m not going to gush that the world is my oyster, but I do know that I will get through this and that I will indeed forge my own new path.  I hope you, dear reader, are ready to embark on this adventure with me? To my dear CC gals, I’ll raise my glass of wine this evening in thanks that you have made my working life not just a boring job. I consider you my friends, and I will sorely miss you.

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