3,2,1 … blasting off for mommy land

Ok, I’m just going to say it:  I’m pregnant.

Actually, I’m just over 18 weeks pregnant now and still in a state of [pleasant] shock.  Last time I posted on Teatart I was lamenting over Mother Nature’s cruel blow of aged eggs, but as you can tell, lots … no tons … of things have happened since then.

I may not have uncovered the secret to improving a woman’s egg quality, but I have discovered that serene balance between using science to help fertility and relying on some well needed divine intervention.

What changed?

Hubby and I decided to try one last time, but this time to do things oh so very differently.  After much consultation with our fertility specialist and putting in some overtime prayer, we decided to go with the old school version of IVF:  ZIFT.

ZIFTOur awesome fertility specialist at Vitalab explained to us that some eggs are really just too borderline to undergo the stresses of being handled in a laboratory – no matter how sophisticated lab techniques have become these days.  My previous cycle of ICSI and PGS seemed to prove this as a healthy embryo just didn’t implant.  Moreover, we just didn’t feel right about the decision to destroy embryos that weren’t deemed healthy.

What we really needed science to help us with was the fertilisation of my eggs.  So with ZIFT, we harvested my eggs, used ICSI to fertilise and then the very next day I went under the knife and the fertilised eggs were implanted in my left Fallopian tube.   By doing this, my now fertilised eggs could naturally continue their journey down the Fallopian tube and plop into my uterus on their own steam.

It all sounds very straight forward doesn’t it?  I need to point out around about now that our chances weren’t great from the start.  Besides being a very invasive procedure, they could only harvest five mature eggs from my ovaries, of which only two eggs actually fertilised.  This meant that on the day of the surgery, we were found that we were undergoing a fairly painful procedure to put back only two eggs!  That’s not great odds.

You only need 1!

Our miracle had been scheduled.  From the surreal positive pregnancy test and blood test, to every scan since then, I still can’t believe how blessed we really are.  Every milestone is celebrated to the fullest and, if I can be so presumptuous, perhaps more so than for the average pregnant mommy to be.

Ask any infertility sufferer, the joy of falling pregnant is more poignant.  The converse is that the anxiety is more exaggerated too.   A crescendo of worry is the norm before each of my scans, followed by the absolute relief when we hear baby’s strong heartbeat and hear the doc says “everything looks good”.

But it’s all good and par for the course I guess.  Oh, and did I mention it’s a girl?  Well, doc is not 100% sure, but our next 20 week level 2 ultrasound will confirm all of that.  So no buying pink just yet!


2 thoughts on “3,2,1 … blasting off for mommy land

  1. ROBERT PURKISS May 9, 2016 at 12:30 Reply

    Congratulations! Very excited at the news. May the little life developing inside you continue to grow healthily!


    • Teatart May 11, 2016 at 09:00 Reply

      Thanks so much Rob – we’re super excited!


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