What did we do without the mobile phone?

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...In the short span of just over 40 years – the first mobile phone call was made on 3 April 1973 – the cell phone has become an indispensable device in our day-to-day lives. To give you an idea of just how popular the mobile phone has become, consider the latest statistics issued by Gartner, Inc.:  in the second quarter of 2013, 435 million mobile phones were sold and of that, 51.8% were smartphones!

Almost every person has a cell phone today. In fact, we don’t leave our homes without the damn things.  The mobile phone has literally become an invaluable addition to how we communicate!

A quick Google search on the best mobile phones on the market will spew out pages and pages of search results highlighting the merits of owning such a technological piece of mastery. Which brings me back to my headline: “What did we do without the mobile phone?”.

Shocker:  the mobile phone double chin

True, while owning and using a mobile phone has many advantages, there are some distinct disadvantages too!  The handy little device that acts as both a communication and an entertainment tool can also be the beauty grim reaper. I’m talking here about the slack skin on the neck, the double chin, the crow’s feet around the eyes and the deep vertical furrows between the brows that can be caused by using your cell phone.

DuvetThis is according to an interesting, but rather scary article in my favourite magazine of all time, Cosmopolitan.  The article titled “how your phone messes with your skin”  touches on some sobering drawbacks.  Did you know that the common habit of squinting to read the small text on your device is actually causing premature facial lines on twenty-year-olds; facial lines that should only appear in the thirties or forties? Then there’s the habit of always looking down at your device to check your mail, play a game, instagram that great photo etc., that is resulting in unsightly neck lines and double chins. Checking your mail, your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter updates before bed can also negatively affect your natural sleep cycle thanks to the artificial light from your phone’s screen.

Everything in moderation

One of the most famous quotes on the topic of moderation comes from Aristotle, ”Everything in moderation, nothing in excess”.

I’m not planning to toss my mobile phone or iPad simply because I fear the use thereof may be contributing to my frown lines.  I am however going to strive to always be as well-informed as I can be and to practise some common sense.

In this particular instance, I’m taking the experts’ advice:  no more browsing on my phone while lying in bed before going to sleep; I’m going to try to hold my phone at eye-level to read my messages instead of looking down all the time, and I’ve already increased the font size on my phone.


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