How accidents remind us of life’s fragility

“I’ve been in an accident”, those were the words uttered by my husband on Friday evening. My heart sank as I asked if he’s ok and where the accident took place.

I rushed to put on my shoes and a cardi. Minutes later I was out the door with my cell phone and car keys in hand.  My mind was racing as I put my car through its paces rushing to the scene of the accident.

The sight that met my eyes filled me with dread.  Ambulances and emergency personnel were on the scene, police vehicles haphazardly parked on the curb.  Already one lane on either side of the double carriageway had been closed.  Traffic control officials were directing oncoming cars past the accident, and an excited – and growing – crowd of witnesses and bystanders were milling around.

AccidentIt was through this scene that I half ran, half walked; scanning the crowd for any sign of my husband. He said he was ok on the phone, yet I was filled with uneasiness, anxiously wondering in exactly what state I would find him given the clear severity of the accident.

An older model BMW X5, silver, lay on its roof, its front lamps still illuminating the ground ahead of it.  Paramedics worked systematically to release the vehicle’s occupants. It seemed surreal:  seeing such methodical calmness amidst such chaos.

Eventually I caught a glimpse of him, standing head and shoulders above those around him.  My footsteps sped up.  In a few seconds I was clinging to him, my eyes dewy and my heart drumming in my ears.  I was praising God that he was ok. Praising God for the fact that he had not taken my husband away from me.  Praising God that we would have another day together.

Despite the hard times, despite our differences, despite any challenges we faced together as a couple – all that seemed trivial in light of a crisis that could’ve easily taken his life and separated us forever.

Did I tell him I loved him before he left the house that evening? I realised that I hadn’t.  The lesson couldn’t be more pertinent.  Every day is a blessing.  Every day could be our last. The people we love the most in our lives are often the ones we take for granted.

Thankfully my husband walked away with only minor injuries. I am eternally grateful – now I have another chance to tell him I love him … every single day … for the rest of our lives.


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