Physical attractiveness is just skin deep

I recently read a very interesting article by relationship expert Tracey Cox on why men prefer average women. It got me thinking.

It’s no secret that women often misunderstand what men look for in a women. Tracey Cox points that, in terms of long-term relationships, women think men are looking for beauty, youth, a perfect body, confidence and intelligence, when in actual fact men are looking for women with more important characteristics such as kindness, the ability to listen and being trustworthy, amongst others.

Physical attractiveness

“Study after study shows while men pay lip service to being hung up on physical attractiveness, once they interact with a woman in real life, they’re far more swayed by personality than they profess to be”, she writes.

Not that this is to say that physical attraction is not very important, because it is!  The point is really that when choosing a life partner, thankfully men don’t just judge a book by its cover; they are looking for a packaged deal.

Mr Teatart Hubbie is testimony to all of this.  He once explained to me that I am his “packaged deal”. In the past he apparently sought out women who were very athletic and not always the brightest, but he re-looked his selection criteria after several failed relationships and prioritised what was important to him.

English: Studio portrait photo of Betty Grable...

Voila! [Enter little ol’ me.] Whilst I am definitely curvier than his average ex-girlfriend and consider exercise a dirty word that immediately qualifies for a good mouth washing with soap, I have many other qualities that apparently constitute a “good catch”.  Note these are not my words (and hopefully not his attempt to simply score brownie points either).

My husband saw the whole picture, not just the outside appearance. As a person with a low self esteem and poor body image, this is truly an epiphany! With his help, I am slowly learning to love myself!  That means loving every blasted curve, those two skew teeth, the scars, the straight hair and the combination skin too!

I raise my wine glass in toast to all the men out there who look past the physical and see more.  There’s hope for all us “non-super model” women after all!


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10 thoughts on “Physical attractiveness is just skin deep

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  8. Jai Holloway December 7, 2012 at 23:03 Reply

    After a firm talking to, I have made the effort to seek out and read your blog. Well done tart, it’s goodun!

    As to this topic, it’s rather simple really. If you are looking for a wife, you are looking for someone that is going to replace your mother. She will care for you and nurture you in the same manner. Men are extremely territorial creatures, so they don’t want a woman that is going to be chased by every second idiot with a penis.

    If you want a trophy, you want a stunner with no brains. She is there to impress and make jealous, not care for you.

    There are men who want one or the other and men who want both. They will marry the nurturer and have a trophy as a mistress.


  9. LikeMyStyles December 9, 2012 at 19:15 Reply

    Hey!I really like your style, I just wanted to let you know my blog shop right now is changed to like my styles :-) Enjoy!xoxo Heidie


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