The end of a scintillating affair

I’ve been having an affair for years. I never really felt guilty about it – until now that is. Call it a change of heart if you will, but I chalk it down to increased awareness.

It’s time I make a change and end this cycle of emotional addiction. My love connection with food must be re-evaluated and the terms of our relationship re-drafted.

Food has always been my crutch, I just never realised it!  I sometimes wish I could be like those people who lose their appetite when experiencing stress or emotional upset; my scale would be eternally grateful.  Alas, food is my comfort … and often my best friend.

Cheesecake and cappuccino photographed by Sherrie Dyer-Bracher

Cheesecake and a cappuccino – my favourite teatime delights!

When sad, I reach for the chocolate, cake, crisps and biscuits.  When I’m angry, a mouthful of cheesecake or a tasty pastry does wonders for my mood.  Bored? The repetitive motion of my jaw opening and closing around a slice of pizza or a hamburger is comforting to say the least. In fact, almost every emotion I experience has food associated with it. Even eating out at restaurants or ordering take-outs is considered a recreational activity.

But now, the full realisation of “you are what you eat” has finally hit home. I eat way too much junk food! Besides the fact that I went off the contraceptive pill earlier this year, which has thrown my hormones into a state of disarray and changed my skin into the spotty canvas of a seventeen year old, all the fatty and processed foods I cram into my body on a daily basis is manifesting itself in the form of a fatty midriff, lethargic metabolism, even oiler and blemished skin, and weight gain.

Tea with pancakes with bananas and chocolate syrup as photographed by Sherrie Dyer-Bracher

The article “Why is SA so fat?” outlines three apparent reasons for this phenomenon, two of which are increased physical inactivity and rapid westernisation and urbanisation.  I can see for myself the rapid rise of mega food chains such as Wimpy, MacDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken, as well as local fast food franchises such as Steers, Pizza Perfect, Romans Pizza and Nando’s, amongst others.  All these places offer the same thing:  convenient and easily available food that is not necessarily the healthiest food choice around.

Now factoring in my love of food and the ease of eating scrumptious tasty yet calorie laden and high fat saturated food, the problem is very unambiguous.  The next steps will not be easy, but I know what I have to do:  I have to eat-out less, eat-in more and of course start loving my vegetables and fruit more.  My husband and I are working on a healthy eating and exercise plan, so consider this part 1.  Part 2 will be a progress report for those wanting to indulge in my pain and discomfort of cutting down on all the food stuffs that I love the most.  Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “The end of a scintillating affair

  1. Michale Petrecca November 25, 2012 at 02:40 Reply

    heya I’m laura I’m such a air head but I still particularly loved your writing


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