Ten things to do when your heart is breaking

I had to re-home my baby girl last week. I have two beautiful, majestic Dobermanns of which Hayley is my youngest. They are my fur-children.

When I longed to fall pregnant and have children, they filled the emptiness in my heart and gave me renewed purpose. Through my divorce, they gave me a goal to work towards: find a place of my own with a garden big enough for my girls.

They’ve stayed by my side when they sensed how alone I was feeling, they’ve licked my tears when I cried myself to sleep, and they’ve sat calm and still while I hang onto them in times when all I needed was to be loved. They are my babies, and I’ve lavished them with all my attention and affection.

Now, the time has come for me to face the fact that I just can’t offer my youngest Dobe the mental, emotional and physical stimulation she so deserves. As a result, I have had to make the hard decision to find her a new home where she will receive the training and attention she needs to be a well-rounded and happy dog.

My heart is breaking – even though I know, in the long run, it’s for the best. This has led me to explore the things that make me happy and take my mind off the heartache. So here’s my highly recommended list to sooth a sore heart:

  1. Play that favourite feel-good song again, and again, and again … and again! My choice: “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.
  2. Swipity swipe that shiny piece of beautiful plastic called a Visa credit card, and buy a new pair of sexy stilettos.
  3. Then take those leg-elongating heels out for a night of dancing and cocktails.
  4. Ah, cocktails! A superb Cosmopolitan cocktail poured by a handsome bartender will help ease the pain. Or you can learn how to make a Cosmopolitan at home.
  5. Have a good cry and put that box of tissues to good use.
  6. Run a hot bubble bath and lie in the bubbles until the water is cold and your hands and feet not only look, but feel, like withered prunes. Don’t forget the cooled teabags on your eyes to ease the puffiness after having a good cry (see point 6 above).
  7. Spend a day lounging around home in your pyjamas playing on your iPad or your Playstation while eating chocolate and ice-cream.
  8. Schedule a movie marathon, make a massive bowl of buttery popcorn and settle in for a late night of watching your favourite movies. Tonight, I’m planning to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as a start to my movie fest.
  9. Learn and perfect the dance moves to PSY’s Gangnam Style.
  10. Do high tea the Queen’s way: unpack your finest china, brew a teapot of decent Ceylon tea and serve piping hot with a plate of scones topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and strawberry jam.

While not a cure for my underlying sadness, I hope that my list of activities will help to occupy my time and thoughts. After all, whether I wish it to or not, the sun will rise again in the morning, and life will continue … with or without me in tow!

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2 thoughts on “Ten things to do when your heart is breaking

  1. reneeboomer September 17, 2012 at 21:34 Reply

    Great post. Thank-you for visiting my blog and the pingback. Have an awesome day. Renee :)


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